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Japanese cars became available on the USA market in the 1960s. Even if the Japanese classic car market isn’t so developed in the USA, these cars are part of many Japanese classic car shows that are organized both in America and in other countries around the globe.

These events display the classic cars built by the most important Japanese brands such as Toyota or Mazda. The most important Japanese classic car shows that are organized around the world are the Japanese Classic Car Show organized in Australia, the Japanese Classic Car Show and the All Toyotafest, that are both hosted on the American territory.

The Japanese Classic Car Show Australia is organized in Queensland by the Mazda “Four of Clubs” Car Club and the Rising Sun Collectors Register of Australia. The show takes place every year in February and it displays the Japanese cars built before 1986. It also includes a competition for the best participant car. The winner is designated as a result of public voting.

Japanese Classic Car Show

The second event is organized every year in September and is the first Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) that was always organized in America in an original manner. This show celebrates the Old School of Japanese cars and took place for the first time in 2005 in Long Beach, California. The show, offers you the opportunity to admire exquisite cars built by the big names in the Japanese car industry such as Toyota, Motul or Mazda. All car ages are well represented in the event, the cars in display including new models that have just been manufactured and also Japanese classic cars. In 2010, the price for a ticket was of only $8 for adults and for children under the age of 12 the entrance was free.

The most amazing cars that were part of this Japanese classic car show were the Toyota 200GT, the Nissan Skyline and the Datsun 610. All these cars are time capsules of styles long gone and when you look at them today you remain speechless. An interesting part of the show is the true car builder show during which you can see long time projects that are finished or need a little bit more work. But the important thing is that everybody gets to find out what is like to restore old cars.

Datsun 610

Another Japanese Classic Car Show is All Toyotafest, a show that is organized in Long Beach, California. It’s an annual event and it celebrates the history and the heritage of Toyota. The cars on display are usually stunning models such as Cressida, Starlet, Corrola TE27 or KE10. The show also includes some classic pickups and rare cars such as the S40 Crown pickup.

At the 2010 edition of the All Toyotafest a collection of 380 Toyota cars was on display. Some of the collection’s cars had been restored or modified, but kept their classic style. The oldest models that were part of the show were some cars that were built between the late ‘60s and the early ‘70s while the most interesting Japanese classic car was a 1961 Toyopet. Other cars that could be admired by the spectators were a 1980 red 2000 GT, a 1970 Corona and a 1969 Corolla Sprinter.

Like every others classic car show, the Japanese classic car shows are incredible and transform the Japanese car history in a piece of present, because these aren’t cars you can easily forget about. If you choose to go at one of these shows I assure you: you will NOT be disappointed!

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