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Electric vehicles are the future, at least according to quite a few manufacturers which are busy researching new types of drivetrains in order to achieve the zero-emissions goal.

But a pretty hot topic concerning electric cars is their low noise output, which doesn’t warn pedestrians or bicyclists about their presence, and in case they don’t check when crossing, accidents could happen. We’ve already seen politicians demand that noise emitters be outfitted to such cars, and the Chevrolet Volt hybrid model has already showcased its “chirping” system.

Now, the Japanese government is debating the necessity of such a system, which might set a minimum noise output level for any car manufactured in the country, so that small children or elderly people with hearing problems will be safe.

Nissan is already one step ahead of the government and revealed that for its future electric and hybrid models, like the Leaf, a sound system with noises heard in nature will appear, containing sound bites of rivers, birds or even the noise horses make with their shoes on the street.

But as much as some people might prefer the sound of a forest or a horse to be emitted when a car approaches them, it seems that the Japanese government might choose a regular combustion engine noise (Aston Marin please?) to be emitted by electric or hybrid models.

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Source: The Telegraph via Automarket

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