Jay Leno gets the keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7 | Rpmgo.com

Posted on 20-09-2007 by Vlad Balan

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It’s good to be a celebrity, no question about it. I mean, all the time you get free stuff from everybody. Like this BMW Hydrogen 7, a BMW 7 Series which runs on both gasoline and liquid hydrogen and which was given to Jay Leno, the host of the popular “Tonight Show”. This as a part of BMW’s Hydrogen 7 Pioneers program, which basically means that BMW is giving celebrities free cars for them to drive around, in their effort to promote the BMW Hydrogen 7.

Although other important celebrities got the car, like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Will Ferrel, Richard Gere or Sharon Stone, none of them is as important as Leno, who’s known for his passion for cars and motorcycles, because he’ll probably appreciate the car to its true value. Not to mention that Leno is also known for his ‘green’ garage in Burbank, California, garage which is 100% steam powered.