Jeep Renegade inspired by the Warthog from Halo?

Jeep Renegade Halo WarthogJeep Renegade Halo Warthog
Yesterday we’ve posted about the three concepts from Chrysler which will debut at next year’s Detroit Motor Show. Among those was the Jeep Renegade concept, a four wheel drive sport hybrid, powered by a lithium-ion battery electric motor and a Bluetec diesel engine, which achieves an impressive 110 mpg fuel consumption. But that’s not what we wanted to talk about. One of our readers, torres9, showed us something really interesting. Here’s the Warthog, a vehicle from the popular video game Halo. Though there are a few differences, we have to admit that the designs are very similar and, fitted with a gun turret, the Renegade could easily replace the Warthog and no one would even notice.

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