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Jeff Gordon Chevrolet is a company specialized in car selling that has also launched  a website which helps buyers decide upon their dream car. As you might have already supposed the website’s address is and is s good place to start your search, because it scored 144 out of 144 points for optimization on not one, but 3 different search engines.

The online inventory is quite impressive, because of its 2,000 cars available. We are talking about both new and used cars, grouped in categories that make management easier. Another feature liked by the visitors is represented by the payment calculators that make it easier for clients to estimate their expenses. Some users were also impressed by the blocks included in the inventory in which are indicated the colors available for both the interior and the exterior of the car.

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet

One feature that is a little bit confusing is the search engine, because it refers only to the vehicles registered and not to the entire information available on the site. “Finance” search will produce zero results, but if you are interested in a particular vehicle, model or more specific feature the results produced will include what you are looking for. The computer generated voice that accompanies the car photos describing some additional features was also considered annoying by some web visitors.

The points scored by the Jeff Gordon Chevrolet website were especially due to their photo gallery that included 40 to 60 photos for each listed car. So, if you consider buying a car online you will have all the necessary views available: different angles on the car, photos that are focused on inside details plus the consistency, because all the pictures are taken in the same location specially marked.

Some points were lost because of the many links that populated the page and redirected users to other web pages that opened in a different tab. Even if many of those links were related to the dealership, many of the reviewers considered that the links were a source of distraction that was able to make potential buyers forget about their initial goal: buying a car from the Jeff Gordon Chevrolet dealership by using the online option.

The finance category is a bit disappointing as well because it does not request the potential buyers to fill a finance application. No special tab was dedicated to the finance matter while links to credit applications were available only at the bottom of the home page and on each page of inventory listing. That’s not a good location for placing such important links, because many website viewers might get confused.

The site receives a few extra points for the online dealer option that will be able to give you some “face-to-face” online suggestions. You can also customize the search by choosing between make, style, price and options. The diversity might be overwhelming, but sometimes it’s good to have options. The company is also specialized in door-to-door delivery and is able to offer various payment plans that might make your dream car seem more affordable. Also, the site is daily updated announcing the latest deals available and the newest cars that have become part of the website’s available offer.

All in all we can easily consider the website a success. Its score in the used and new vehicles categories was pretty high, while in the SEO category it garnered the perfect score. I’m sure that the little design flaws that confused some users will be solved and the Jeff Gordon Chevrolet will remain the same fierce competitor in the online version as well.

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