Jeremy Clarkson injured in car crash |

According to The Mirror, Jeremy Clarkson was recently invovled in a car crash, during filming for the latest Top Gear series. There aren’t many details available, but it looks like the head-on high-speed car crash left Jeremy with minor injuries to his legs, hand and back. After his first serious crash in 31 years, he said: “My right index finger looked like a burst sausage, my left shin was fatter than my thigh and my back felt like someone had driven over it with a pile-driver.” The Top Gear team is not at its first serious crash, with Richard Hammond being involved in a 315 mph crash, that almost killed him, in 2006. However, we’re glad Jeremy’s ok and he’d better get his ass back to work, because we’re really anxious to watch the new series.

Source: The Mirror

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