Joy is BMW campaign inspires Romanian artist to create BMW Z4 out of origami paper cranes |

We’ve covered BMW’s newest marketing campaign “Joy is BMW” by revealing the ads that highlight the Bavarian carmaker’s newest attitude towards its customers by rewarding them with the best driving experiences on the market.

This campaign also contained a competition among artists from Romania, which challenged them to bring to life this interesting concept. One Alexandru Mirea had a truly unique approach to this, and chose to recreate his favorite model, the BMW Z4, by using paper.

Fine, what’s so special about making a paper car? Well how about decorating it with over 4,000 paper cranes made through the traditional Asian craft of origami? Alex, after spending 15 days and in 5 pulling all-nighters, managed to create a life-size replica of the hot Bavarian roadster. Midway through the assembly, he decided to recreate a more interesting scene, by making the car seem like it is sliding and accents the speed through the rear of it, which seems to disintegrate.

Overall, this is certainly a unique take on BMW models, and one which will leave a mark on many people. Hit the jump to see the video of how the assembly process went, and if you want more details on the build, you can check out this document, but it is in Romanian.

Source: Automarket

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