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You’d better be careful next time you complain the service is really far from your home, because it can be even worse. Take this ‘poor’ Sheik’s case. He had to fly his £190,000 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (similar to the one from The Dark Night movie) all the way from Qatar to the UK for an oil change. The whole trip cost… …read the full post

Even though it’s hard to believe, it seems that catalyzer thefts is increasing from one simple reason: the Platinum inside has a market value of 200 dollars. The main problem with these thefts are that the catalyzers found at the thieves could not be identified and the police couldn’t press charges. To handle these thefts, Ford joined forces… …read the full post

In case you haven’t heard, the Tesla Roadster is the first electric sports car to enter production soon. Finally we can say good bye to all the ugly little cars and save the planet in a stylish and sporty way. But untill you can make your deposit for the car, you can see how it performs in the crash tests. Even though they were unplanned ! Looks… …read the full post

Two days ago we’ve shown you the first leaked photo of the upcoming Ford Ka. The car is scheduled to debut this autumn, at the Paris Motor Show and Ford was probably planning on announcing the car closer to the French show. However, since that photo leaked, Ford has announced that the official press release will be made tomorrow but still, we’ve… …read the full post

Last month Porsche announced the facelift for the Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe and Cabrio and now we’ve got this great promotional video recently released by Porsche. Just a reminder, the updates on the car include a slightly updated look (front and rear LED lights along with slightly redesigned bumpers), a new optional seven-speed automatic double-clutch… …read the full post

According to Wall Street Journal General Motors plans on removing about 5,000 employees by November 1 as a part of its cost-cutting strategy. The Detroit giant’s total revenue is expected to fall about 3% in the quarter and an operating loss of $1.49 billion as GM relies on strong international operations to offset bleeding in North America…. …read the full post

What you can see in the video below is a BMW Sauber F1 mechanic which got a taste of the experimental Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used during some tests of the F1 team. When Christian Klien pulled into the pits, one of the mechanics touched the car and received an electric shock that put him to ground. Fortunately, he was ok and didn’t… …read the full post

According to The Guardian, Chrysler is currently in talks with Fiat and Tata over a possible future cooperation. As we already know, Fiat and Tata have a partnership. Fiat agreed this month to handle the financing in Europe for Tata’s Jaguar and Land Rover brands, while Tata said it was open to Fiat selling its ultra-cheap Nano. Though no officials… …read the full post

Thanks to German magazine AutoZeitung, we’ve got a new set of 2009 Ferrari California photos. Nice! The California was announced some time ago, with the official debut scheduled for the Paris Motor Show and will only be available as cabrio. Under the hood we’ve got a 4.3 liter V8 engine that develops 460 hp at 7,500 rpm and takes the car… …read the full post

Hyundai USA announced that at this year’s SEMA Show one of the Hyundai’s stand stars will be this “Art of Speed” Genesis Coupe, created in cooperation with Rhys Millen Racing (RMR). The car is powered by a 2.0 litre DOHV four-cylinder engine which is fitted with an RMR turbo kit, heavy-duty HKS sequential transmission and a… …read the full post

Today Subaru released the official specs and some photos of the 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX. Comparing it to the 2008 model, the new Impreza WRX is much much better and we can only feel sorry for those that rushed and bought the 2008 version. The new Impreza received a 41 hp power boost, retuned suspension and wider, lower-profile summer performance tires. By… …read the full post

The Mercedes Benz SLR being discontinued next year and this will also mark the end of the cooperation between Mercedes and McLaren. The German company’s replacement for the SLR will be the Mercedes Benz SLC gullwing, which will be developed by Mercedes and AMG. Scheduled to debut at next year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Mercedes SLC was… …read the full post

Fuel prices are high and are impacting almost every part of our daily life. Such is the case with US drivers who seem to travel less, due to fuel costs and the economy crysis affecting the country. Statistics from the US Department of Transportation show that americans traveled in 2008 over 40 billion fewer miles than in the same period in 2007. An… …read the full post

We all know the Toyota Prius, it’s the most popular hybrid car out there, having conquered almost everyone with it’s eco-friendly nature, being the car to have if you want to help the planet. One thing though has received mixed oppinions, the design, people saying very different things about the exterior of the car. Recently some spy shots… …read the full post