Just got back from Fast and Furious 4 | Rpmgo.com

Being a car fan and with the movie smashing the box office this weekend ($72.5 million) I really wanted to see the new Fast and Furious. And the fact that the movie got back the two actors which made it famous, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker made me even more anxious to see it. Trying not to give any spoilers, I’m just gonna tell you that Dom (Diesel) gets back to Los Angeles after finding out Letty was killed. Here, Brian (Walker) who has been released from prison, is now with the FBI, trying to catch a very important drug lord, Braga, who apparently has something to do with Letty’s murder. So Dom and Brian team up once again to give some hot action. Though there are lots of awesome cars and high-speed chases, I would’ve loved to see a little more car action, because basically that’s what the movie’s all about. Still, the new Fast and Furious is pretty good, so if you like cars, hot chicks and car action, you should check it out.