Justin Timberlake signs on to be Audi ambassador, already promotes A1 model | Rpmgo.com

Music and Audi fans will be happy to hear that the German company has recently signed pop star Justin Timberlake to be the representative of the brand, and to promote upcoming models like the A1 city car.

And promote he did, as a new picture (supposedly leaked) with the pop star in the foreground and the new A1 in the back has been making the rounds on the Internet, giving the new car, which will be showcased in March at the Geneva Motor Show, plenty of hype.

From what can be seen, the A1 seems rather attractive, and follows in the line of the new Audi design direction. What’s worth noticing though is that the A pillar and the roof lines appear to be in a silver tone, contrasting with the red paint of the rest of the car.

Overall, it seems Audi made a pretty good deal with Timberlake, and will see the A1 become rather popular in Europe.

Source: WorldCarFans

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