Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values

The very first Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values was published in 1926 and back then it was just a price guide with a basic list of vehicles and prices. Nowadays, in the guide you can find information about new and used cars, classic ones dating back to the 40s, along with information about motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

The Kelley Blue Book used car values are relevant only for the cars that are sold in the United States and it contains various information about the cars, like:

a) MSRP – manufacturer’s suggested retail price;

b) Extra costs that might be involved, like shipping the vehicle;

c) The dealer’s cost;

d) Pricing schedules for the various options that a buyer wants to select.

For the cars that have been manufactured in the last 15 years you can obtain information regarding the retail price, trade-in price and the private sale price. The retail price is the amount of money that you would expect to pay if you go to a used car dealer. The trade-in price is what the car dealer would offer you in trade value, while the private sale price is the amount of money that you could be able to get if you sell the vehicle to another person.

The Kelley Blue Book used car values are offered in charts and tables so that the reader can figure out the price based on the car’s condition, optional components and mileage. KBB also includes information about how these important factors have an influence over the overall value of the car. Information regarding older used vehicles is offered in a separate book, while RV and motorcycle info is also published separately. This kind of information can be accessed in the guidebooks, not on the KBB’s website.

Using the book is very easy to do as all of the cars are listed by manufacturer and then they are alphabetically order by model so you won’t have any problems finding information about the car that you want to buy or sell.

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