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Kia is a pretty successful global automaker. This has a downside though, as due to different markets, its products are usually marketed under various names, even though they’re the same thing. One example is the US Optima, which is called Magentis in Europe or Canada, and K5 in Kia’s native South Korea.

As you can imagine, this is a problem from a marketing standpoint. That’s why a new report indicates that Kia USA executives are mulling over the possibility of switching to an alfanumeric name strategy. As such, instead of Optima or Forte you might see the Kia K5 or K3, respectively.

Hyundai, Kia’s parent company, has also started such a switch, as the Tucson crossover is called the ix35 in other territories. What’s more, other companies are already making a habit of such a naming strategy. Considering this, perhaps Kia might also follow, in the near future.

Our two cents? We think Kia’s current naming structure shows personality and, coupled with the new, more aggressive design, is just what the company needs to stand out from the rest.

Source: Automotive News

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