Kia offers free car for baby born in one of its models and named after it |

This is proof of some clever marketing done in record time. It seems that a couple was driving to the hospital in a Kia after the wife was close to giving birth. Seeing as how the baby girl wouldn’t wait until her mother was in the hospital, the birth occurred in front of the establishment, in the couple’s Kia Carens model.

Touched by the events, the couple decided to name the little girl Kia, in honor of the crazy adventure they had. Upon hearing this, Kia UK decided to offer the proud couple a brand new Carens, free of charge. “Our old car has been playing up recently, and I’d said to my mum I wouldn’t mind getting a Carens myself,” said Samantha, the mother. “Now we’ve got one – and little Kia did it all herself!”

This is quite an interesting story, and it’s nice to see that even car companies have a heart … that and a keen marketing sense.

Source: Autocar

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