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Posted on 14-09-2009 by Andrey

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High end supercar maker Koenigsegg is at it again, as it has announced that it will create a truly exclusive edition of its CCXR, dubbed Trevita. All fine and dandy, considering as this is normal practice for many supercar manufacturers, but considering it will have a special finish and only three cars will be made, means that exclusivity will be at its peak.

The name comes from the Italian expression “tre volte bianco”, which means three times white. This is due to the new Diamond Weave material which will finish all of the exterior of the supercar, which is an expensive derivate of carbon fiber. This new material will be of course finished in a diamond color, which will require even more attention and hard work from the Koenigsegg staff.

Don’t forget that only three of them will be made, so chances of meeting one at the traffic light will be very slim. More news will be made available as the exclusive edition will be presented in Frankfurt this week.

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