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As you all know, Swedish carmaker Saab has been acquired by its fellow compatriots, the supercar company Koenigsegg, which unveiled recently that it has some big plans for the Scandinavian brand, but declined to comment further.

Now, according a newspaper from the country, it seems that Koenigsegg wants to take the Saab brand more upmarket, by decreasing the amount of models made and increasing their price. This plan focuses on eliminating the losses of the Swedish car company and bringing it on a flatline, as it is currently way below it.

Production is set to decrease from 115,000 units in the next couple of years, to 85,000 in the 2012-2015 period, reaching 65,000 in 2016, when its models will have a bigger price by about 50%. One of the very first models to lead this revamp of the lineup will be a special edition of the 9-5, called the Koenigsegg edition (modest, aren’t they?).

Do you agree with this plan? Should Saab aim at a more premium market or should Koenigsegg attempt to go mainstream with the Swedish brand? Drop a comment with your opinion.

Source: Automarket

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