Lambo Orange for the new Seat Ibiza SportCoupe –

The new Seat Ibiza is a really good looking car, and the new SportCoupe version aims to really highlight the sportiness of the model with a more agressive look. The spanish manufacturer really wants to do a good job with this model and it would seem it’s pulling out all the stops, taking advantage of being in the Volkswagen group and borrowing the Electric Orange color from super car producer Lamborghini.

We have gotten used with the odd colors that the italian manufacturer has offered with their models, most of them going really nice with the exclusive look of their cars. If you buy a Lambo you definetly want to be seen by everyone and Seat has really decided to take advantage of these colors and make their models really stand out in the dull market nowadays. Such were the cases with another few colors offered by the spanish producer, like the Chrono Yellow or Kiwi Green, having really highlighted the latin spirit dominating the design of their cars.

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Photo Gallery: Seat Ibiza SportCoupe

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