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Why is Lamborghini the best sport car ever made? The answer is very simple. Lamborghini creates sport cars with a great design and a lot of power horses inside the engine. Comfort and speed are definitions for Lamborghini cars that can create emotions when we see them. New concept of Lamborghini also fits this manufacturer spirit for sport cars and is very good integrated in eccentric look of a Lamborghini car.

The newest model of Lamborghini comes from Argentina and is named Lamborghini Alar. At its base stays the old Diablo V12, a super car that was having the highest cotes of selling after it was manufactured in series in Italy. The Lamborghini Alar model has 700 horses power that help this car to achieve up to 360 km/h (223 miles/h).

Lamborghini Alar

For everybody amaze this new model comes from Argentina because we can find out that the official distributor of the Lamborghini brand in this country can create its own line of models using the logo and the rolling train of the Italian producer.

Drawn by Joan Ferci, Lamborghini Alar is actually the third model of this type created by people from Argentina after Coatl and Eros GT-1 based also on Lamborghini Diablo. On their official website already appeared official pictures of Lamborghini Alar and the good news is that this concept was launched on 30th March 2007 in Buenos Aires.

As all Lamborghini cars, this concept also can be series produced but its price is very high, somewhere around 750,000 USD. Maybe Lamborghini Alar can be more expensive than the other models of this manufacturer, but its features and design can easily convince a super sport car passionate to pay this amount in order to buy the newest model from Lamborghini.

If this still didn’t convince you, then the pictures inserted in this article can easily make you think from now on to this Lamborghini model. Yellow colored like Diablo, Lamborghini Alar will attend to be the best Lamborghini ever created and will be a great competitor to the Lamborghini models created in Italy. We don’t know for sure if this concept will be a success in Europe because Europeans are more classics and they enjoy only European cars, but one think is for sure: drivers that love super sport car will enjoy driving this one for sure.

The look of Lamborghini Alar is very aggressive and seems like it comes from a unique combination of an alien life form and Nautilus, the submarine of Captain Nemo, transposed in a version made in 1987.

Finally we can affirm is that this car is what all fan wanted. This is not necessary a good thing, but we appreciate the effort of its creator to make the best sport car ever.

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