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As all the important brand cars, Lamborghini tries every year to bring new incredible car designs that can take your breath away. For that purpose, this company uses the most talented car designers that use their inspiration and create amazing and futuristic concept cars that impress with their look and their engineering components. All these new supercars show us how much the car industry has developed in the last few years and what amazing things await us in the future.

Lamborghini Alar

One of these amazing futuristic supercars is the Lamborghini Alar, a concept car for a mid-engine sports car which will be produced by the Lamborghini Latino-America. The Lamborghini Alar will be released under a special agreement with the Italian automaker. This agreement includes the rule that the official distributor for the supercars, located in Argentina (South America), can manufacture its models using the Lamborghini’s logo and running gear. This Lamborghini is based on the Diablo version using its chassis and engine. Rumors said that Lamborghini Alar will be manufactured in March 2008, but this didn’t happen because the customers weren’t as interested as the company thought.

The Lamborghini Alar reflects the old Lamborghini style in more than one way having an extreme look. Some specialists weren’t impressed by this car and thought that it looks more as the cars from “Too Fast Too Furious” or from “NFS Underground” and because of that the Lamborghini fans didn’t find it so appealing.

Even if the Lamborghini Alar uses the same platform and engine as the Diablo, the styling is completely different. This supercar is designed by Joan Ferci and has a Klingon visage and the backside of a Starship Trooper bug. It has a weight of 1,200 kg and is a reminiscent of another creation signed by Joan Ferci, the incredible Lamborghini Coatl.

Under the hood, this Lamborghini Alar hides a 7.7 liters V12 engine capable to produce no more and no less than 770 horsepower at 7500 rpm. Moreover, the Alar can achieve a top speed of 255.2 mph (410.7 km/h) and goes from zero to 100 km/h in only 3.6 seconds. As a result, this Lamborghini competes with the Bugatti Veyron when it comes to speed, being able to win the competition. It’s impressive to be aware that such a supercar is available on the market and is able to go fast enough to make you feel you’re flying. This car is for sure a source of envy for the people around you.

If the engine is attractive for you, I must say that the other components that equip this car are amazing and incredible as well. For such a fast car you will need the high performance Dual Parallel Asymmetric suspensions and the anti shock systems that will help you minimize the impact with the road. As a result you will enjoy a smoother ride, offered by this Lamborghini Alar.

Even if some people think that the Alar is an ugly car and is not impressive as the other cars released by Lamborghini, this Lamborghini remains a supercar that is able to make you feel you’re alive. This car is the best choice for those who think that comfort, luxury and of course speed are the most important features of a desirable car. Nowadays, when everything happens faster and faster every day, this supercar will give you the impression you can keep up with everything around you. But your desire will definitely cost you a “few bucks” and to be more precise, $750,000 of them. But nothing worth having comes cheap in this world!

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