Lamborghini Aventador Preview – Monocoque Chassis –

Lamborghini Aventador Monocoque Chassis

The Lamborghini Aventador saga continues today with the presentation of the monocoque chassis. After many rumors and spy shots, the Italian automaker announced that the car will be officially unveiled next month at Geneva. The car will be built on the carbon fiber composite monocoque pictured above. The Italian automaker said that they have used CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced polymer) technology throughout the car.

Thanks to the fact that the Italian engineers over at Lamborghini used a bunch of low weight materials, the Aventador (700-4) has a body-in-white weight of only 505 lbs (229.5 kg). The car’s torsional rigidity is 35,000 Nm per degree of twist which means that it will offer exact wheel control, a high level of steering precision and sensitive feedback – some of the most important ingredients for a supercar.

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