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The Lamborghini brand is well known all around the world because of the incredible supercars envisioned and manufactured by its talented team of designers and engineers. To drive these luxurious and powerful supercars with style you must be properly dressed. If you find it hard to find stores which offer clothes that match your supercar, you will be happy to know that the Lamborghini Company has taken care of the problem by signing an incredible Lamborghini clothing collection which is perfect for every Lamborghini owner. For the reason of making these clothes available for all the interested buyers around the world, the Italian automaker decided to open a lot of Lamborghini boutiques in different locations that are usually important cities. These boutiques are meant to offer exclusive products at affordable prices for Lamborghini car owners and not only.

One of these Lamborghini boutiques was opened in Vancouver in 2010 and is located in Aberdeen Center. This was the first store opened in Canada after the opening of other Lamborghini boutiques in Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Beijing locations. These cities have been chosen because the Italian company considers them to be centers of luxury commerce. This particular Vancouver boutique sells products from the Collezione fashion line envisioned by the company’s designers and includes Italian leather accessories such as shoes, briefcases, hats and many other items. All these accessories are perfect for both genders and all ages.

In 2011, the Italian automaker opened another Lamborghini boutique in Europe, in the city of Berlin, the capital of Germany. You can find this boutique at Kurfurstendamm 63. This is the first Lamborghini store opened in Europe and was the location chosen by the Lamborghini marketing team for launching the “Collezione Automobili Lamborghini” fashion collection. This event gathered in Berlin many VIP guests from the political, the industrial and the fashion world. It was the perfect place and time to reveal the new 2011 spring and summer collection. But I think that the real star of the event was the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 which was also displayed during the event.

The Italian automaker also launched its new line of clothes in Saudi Arabia. The launching event of the Lamborghini clothing line took place at the Rubaiyat located in the Etoile Center. The Lamborghini Artimarca collection launched can now be found in all the Rubaiyat stores located in Saudi Arabia. This collection of Lamborghini clothing offers clothes for men, women and children for all four seasons. The Lamborghini Artimarca features stylish leather accessories including shoes, hats, briefcases, t-shirts, fur-trimmed jackets and sweatshirts. The collection is addressed not only to Lamborghini customers, but also to those who love luxury, high quality and elegant products. The Lamborghini brand manager said that the Lamborghini clothing line is perfect for both “the young and the not so young” people because they will have the opportunity not only to drive a Lamborghini supercar but also wear original Lamborghini clothes.

At the event were present a lot of important personalities from Saudi Arabia. The organizers greeted the participants with cocktails and canapés. Also present were many Lamborghini club members who along with all the other guests had the opportunity to admire the wide variety of Lamborghini accessories displayed in a location above the store where a lounge was placed. All the people invited at the event also had the opportunity to take a close look at the 20 Lamborghini models parked outside the store. The real philosophy behind the Lamborghini clothing line is similar to the traits of the Lamborghini cars which are all about extreme and unmistakable designs.

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