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Lamborghini Aventador

The Italian supercar maker Lamborghini says that the new Aventador’s 7-speed automated manual gearbox which is able to shift gears in only 50 milliseconds. In addition, it has a curb weight of only 79 kg and maximizes cabin space by installing it in a very narrow transmission tunnel.

This transmission is manufactured by Oerlikon Graziano S.p.A. along with its UK partner Vocis Driveline Controls Ltd. The AWD system is supplied by BorgWarner Inc while the electronically-controlled coupling is provided by Haldex AB. The latter distributes the forces between the front and rear of the Aventador. A dynamic handling is guaranteed by the front differential which is electronically controlled by the ESC along with the self-blocking rear differential.

The supercar comes with a Drive Select Mode System that allows the driver to choose between three settings: Strada, Sport and Corsa, or for a better understanding of these terms: road, sporty and track. The aforementioned electronic stability control of the Aventador along with the windshield wiper drive is provided by Robert Bosch GmbH.

Just as the model it replaced, the Murcielago, the new supercar from Lamborghini will be manufactured in approximately 4,000 units, while its predecessor had 4,099 units.

Source: Lamborghini via Automotive News

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