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Many tuning companies are fascinated by Lamborghini cars and modifying one of these cars is their main goal. Many times the color chosen for these outrageous modified sports cars is black. Technocraft is one of these companies that decided the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo should to be the subject of an exterior makeover and give birth to a fascinating black Lamborghini Gallardo.

By using carbon fiber as the main material, the Technocraft team was able to provide the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo with a tuning package that surprised many. There were many people that initially thought that this American tuning company was ruining an exquisite Italian car by adding too many extra carbon fiber components, but in the end they were proven wrong. The tuning results can be noticed all over the car from the new black engine panels to interior touches like the new carbon-fiber seats and exterior features that give the car a dramatic look (especially the new wings). To improve the already good looks of this black Lamborghini Gallardo the team also considered that a brand new set of wheels is crucial. And to compliment the deep black paint what can be wiser than using some yellow accents for the perfect contrast that will highlight the new shapes of this already amazing 2011 Lamborghini model.

And believe it or not, this is only the standard tuning package Technocraft has in store for its clients. Their imagination didn’t stop here. They thought it was their duty to offer their clients the possibility to choose some features such as an impressive carbon fiber rear splitter or an accessory for high speeds: a racing harness. By manufacturing so many parts from carbon fiber, the team managed to reduce the car’s weight by 300 lbs. This weight reduction has had a positive impact on the car’s overall performances because of the aerodynamic enhancements. If you weren’t satisfied with the high speeds of the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo you will be if you decide to buy Technocraft’s amazing tuning package.

Another good looking black Lamborghini Gallardo is the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Devastator signed by SR Project. Considering that in 2013 Lamborghini wants to replace the current Gallardo model with another spectacular car thought to be the Cabrera, the tuning specialists decided it’s time to take advantage of the Gallardo and make it available with all kinds of tuning packages. That’s how the Lamborghini Devastator was born under the supervision of the SR Auto Group who plans to release many such special editions based on the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo.
The kit they developed is called Devastator and its elements are focused on providing a dramatic exterior look and not on offering a power boost. The simplistic design that they chose for the 2011 Lamborghini Devastator involved a matte black exterior color that was also used for the PUR 2WO wheels and resulted in a spectacular black Lamborghini Gallardo. This completely black look had to be highlighted by using some golden brakes for the perfect contrast.

The same black matte finish was also used by the SR Auto Group for a tuned 2011 Lamborghini Murcielago that they chose to call Ballistic. This time, the tuning involved a new front bumper as well as a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser, all finished in that elegant matt black. Their upgrades didn’t involve the engine’s performance, just like in the case of the black Lamborghini Gallardo Devastator. And I think they made a great choice, because the 6.5 liter V12 engine of the Murcielago it’s hard to beat and more than enough to satisfy anyone’s need for speed.

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