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Nowadays, we can all see all sorts of cars being driven by all sorts of persons according to their choice of use. When someone chooses to buy a certain car this means that the car being bought is the one which has been considered more appropriate to be bought and driven by that person. This appropriateness of use is influenced by all sorts of important factors which the person buying the car must have taken into account before taking a decision. Such factors refer to the specifications presented by the car as well as to its price and to the purposes in which the buyer intended to use it. All of these factors together with other ones that might be considered important as well need to be taken into account by every person when analyzing a possible model of cars that he or she might intend to buy.

There is a great variety of types and models of cars which can be analyzed these days by everyone willing to do this either in the idea of finding the proper one to consider buying or in the idea of simply being more familiar with as much information as possible about the cars which are being driven by other persons. One model of cars to be analyzed as well is Lamborghini Gallardo as it has been considered to present certain specifications which might be considered as very interesting ones to be made aware to those interested in this model of cars.

Lamborghini Gallardo is included within the category of sports cars that have been pretty appreciated by those interested in this type of cars due to its specifications which have been considered pretty useful ones to be considered at least in certain situations. What many persons might also find interesting to become familiar with is the fact that Lamborghini Gallardo has been considered one of the most produced cars by this company which is actually really familiar car fans nowadays.

An important specification of Lamborghini Gallardo is represented by the two types of transmission being made available by its manufacturer. The first one is known as an H-Box six-speed type of manual transmission, whereas the second type has become familiar among car fans as E-Gear semi-automatic type of robotized manual. The latter has been more appreciated by those who have analyzed these specifications due to the fact that it is said to enable its drivers to make faster shifts in comparison to the ones enabled by the former type of transmission.

There have been presented in time various Lamborghini Gallardo model of cars which have been more or less appreciated for different reasons by all sorts of car fans who have had the curiosity of analyzing their features. Such Lamborghini Gallardo models of cars are the following ones: Lamborghini Concept S, presented in 2005, Lamborghini SE, a special edition presented at the end of 2005 and to which certain changes were made, changes which were appreciated as they were considered to determine for the new model to be a better performing one, Lamborghini Nera, presented in 2006, Gallardo Spyder manufactured only between 2006 -2007, Lamborghini Gallardo Racing from 2007 as well as Gallardo Superleggera available between 2007-2008.

Other Lamborghini Gallardo models of cars are the ones which have become familiar as LP 650-4, LP 560-4 Spyder, Gallardo Super Trofeo as well as LP 570-4 Superleggera. All of these cars present certain interesting features and specifications which many of the persons who have analyzed them have appreciated.

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