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Lamborghini Insecta is a concept that prefaces a possible “angry bull” of the future, but the thing that is really extraordinary is the fact that this design study belongs to a Romanian citizen.

Maybe you wonder why this concept it is named Lamborghini Insecta and it doesn’t get a name inspired by the Spanish bullfighting like all the Lamborghini models until this concept. The explication is really simple, the Romanian designer Iulian Bumbu had been inspired by the nature and mostly by the exo-sckeleton of the invertebrates animals.

Even if the invertebrates had never been muses for the models or Lamborghini concepts, the brand specify of Sant’Agata Bolognese is kept trusty to the Insecta concept also. This is confirmed by the Romanian designer also that wanted to transpose the organic elements from the insect family into the Lamborghini style, resulting more an evolution than a revolution of the Italian super cars.

Similarity with the actual models of Lamborghini is also given by the dimensions. So, Lamborghini Insecta, with its 4.3 meters length, is identical to the Lamborghini Gallardo model, but is a little more width, measuring a width of 2 meters and a little shorter, having a height of only one meter. The rolling train is also taken over from Lamborghini Gallardo but by using the carbon fiber panels the Romanian designer Iulian Bumbu wished to create a model more agile and light.

About Iulian Bumbu, the designer that deserves all the eulogies for this creation, I can tell you that is a 28 years old young man, graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania and attendant to master classes in Auto Design profile at Scuola Politecnica di Design Milano. His professional experience includes a practical stage at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo in 2008 and a 3 years carrier as pattern designer at AMC Studio.

Lamborghini Insecta

Like all the other Lamborghini concepts, Lamborghini Insecta concept brings fame to the manufacturer and admiration among its future buyers. Once we saw images with this concept, we can only wait with that this model to be launched and to be produced so we can have access to it and to be able to buy it. I am sure that its price will be like the rest of the Lamborghini and that means very high comparing to the other sport cars like Ferrari, but I am very sure that it will worth every cent we spend to buy this car. Because of its design, Lamborghini Insecta will be very attractive to so many looks and will have a big audience among sport cars lovers.

Lamborghini Insecta

Waiting for this Lamborghini concept to appear I can only present a few pictures of this miracle made by the best sport car manufacturer.

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