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Posted on Sep 19th, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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After the first teaser was released on Monday, today Lamborghini decided to show us another photo of their mysterious car that will be revealed at next month’s Paris Motor Show. Of course, no extra info was released, except that we’ll get to see the car on October 2, the first press day. However, judging by the kinda short front part, we’re guessing the speculations about a four door coupe might be true. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated on this and we’ll also be there in Paris on October 2, to see the beauty.

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Posted on Sep 18th, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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So, you buy yourself a classic Lamborghini and you drive it to meet your friends and show them what a cool car you have, or, worse, you go pick up a beautiful girl. And when you get there, you wanna get out of the car, however, things aren’t always that easy:

Conclusion? Wanna buy a Lamborghini, or at least drive one? Lose some weight, for Christ’s sake!

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Posted on Sep 18th, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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Everyone caught everyone’s attention when, a couple of days ago, they released a teaser photo of a mysterious new car that will debut at next month’s Paris Motor Show. No one was expecting this and, of course, everyone is wondering what’s up with this car. We assumed it will be a Murcielago replacement, but, according to Inside Line, what we’ll see at the French show will be a four-door Lamborghini high-luxury gran turismo with the engine in front but behind the front axle. According to Inside Line’s sources, the car could be based on the new Audi A8 platform. Wow, we weren’t expecting this!

The reason why there were no spy shots or leaked info is that Lamborghini started this project only five months ago and it was given a green light before asking Audi’s management opinion. Considering that Porsche’s Panamera is almost out, Lamborghini put a lot of effort into creating this concept, with the help of a few Audi designers.

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Posted on Sep 16th, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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Today, Lamborghini released a teaser photo of a new car that will be on display at next month’s Paris Motor Show. Unfortunately, this is the entire press release, if we can call it that way:

The official press release and pictures will be available from 1 October, 21.00 hours Central European Time, and available during Paris motor show press days. We welcome you to the Lamborghini stand on press days, 2 and 3 of October. Hall 4, stand 110

So, what do you think this will be? If you ask us, judging by that rear look, we’d put our money on a redesigned Murcielago or its replacement. One thing’s for sure, on September 2, the first press day of the French show, we’ll be there and find out what’s all this about.

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Posted on Sep 5th, 2008 by Andrey

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France hasn’t been really sticking its head out regarding the tuning industry, leaving that domain to the germans or japanese guys, but Jeremi Paret decided to take matters into his own hands and put France on the tuning map. His first creation is this really beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, which received quite a lot of accesories, like a Reventon-inspired front bumper or pink brake calipers.

First of all, Jeremi Paret aims to bring tuning to another level, by first of all making a virtual mock-up of what the car will look like and showing it to the customers before any hands are placed on the actual car. The owner will have a huge say in the model’s development, the tuners focusing on unique customization, insteand of ready made tuning packages which can be applied by anyone. Another innovation is that the firm offeres to pay for the transport of the car in France, which will be sure to turn some heads and make the customers smile.

But let’s focus on this beautiful Gallardo, the first things that pops out is the front bumper which remings of the Reventon, the carbon fiber front spoiler lip, side skirts and door handles really contrast with the candy white paint job, a big rear diffuser accentuates the power that this car is capable of, and last but definetely not least, the pink brake calippers really bring a unique twist on the car, looking really nice inside the Asanti Diamond wheels. Inside, comfort is at its peak, the leather seats and Alpine entertainment system bring quality to the ride. One more photo after the jump. Read More: “French tuned Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4”

Posted on Sep 4th, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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A recent study made by a British insurance company revealed that women are aroused by the sound of some cars’ engines. But don’t imagine that if you accelerate your Volkswagen Polo you’ll get ladies all crazy about you. Because, actually, the Polo engine sound has the exact opposite effect. No, we’re talking about the engine sound from cars like Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Yup, we know, it’s shocking, but it’s the truth. Women love expensive, powerful cars. Who would’ve thought?

The study consisted of a 20-minute tape with cars being revved that was played to a group of male and female volunteers. After that the saliva of the volunteers was collected and tested for testosterone levels. The most significant increase in testosterone level for women were reported after listening to Maserati and for men after the Lamborghini part. Unfortunately, bad news for VW Polo owners. The sound of Polo’s engine, not only it didn’t increase testosterone levels, but this actually dropped.

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Posted on Sep 2nd, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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What you see in the video below is what’s left of a beautiful green Lamborghini Murcielago. The crash took place Woodland Hills, Los Angeles’ district. The 30 year old driver, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, was seen speeding west on the Ventura Freeway west of Topanga Canyon Boulevard just before the incident when he lost control of the car, hit a guardrail on the 101 freeway and crashed into a parking structure. The car burst into flames and the driver suffered severe burns and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The cause of the accident is not yet known, but it really doesn’t matter, a man lost his life. This should be another warning for everyone that drives a high performance car, no matter what brand or how much it costs. Always think twice before hitting the gas pedal!

Posted on Aug 28th, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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British company Mayfair Prestige has put up for sale this special Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. Besides the fact that the car has received a special tuning treatment from Hamann, what’s really special about it is the chrome paint finish. But, of course, as you’d expect, it doesn’t come cheap at all, because Mayfair is asking £340,000 (about $625,000) for it. Will they get it? Of course, because there’s gotta be someone out there with a lot of cash and with the desire to show off. Check out more photos after the jump. Read More: “For sale: Chromed Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 by Hamann”

Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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The guys from Garage 419 weent at this weekend’s Pebble Beach event and managed to get an interview from the Lamborghini CEO, Mr. Stefan Winkelmann. It’s a very interesting video and I suggest you watch it. We find out that so far Lamborghini has no plans on releasing a Superleggera version of the Gallardo LP560-4 or a two-wheel drive version. However, what’s really interesting is that Mr. Winkelmann confirms that the Italian company is currently thinking about getting back into motorsport. See the video for more.

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Posted on Aug 15th, 2008 by Andrey

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The Lamborghini Reventon is exclusivity taken to the extreme, only 25 ever made, each with a price tag of €1 million, and has been sought after by a lot of car enthusiasts which have the spending power to buy it. Well polish supercar manufacturer Veno thought that there might be a market for all those who didn’t get to buy a Lambo, and came up with this replica after the italian model.

Sure, the company said it has taken the design from jet aircrafts, and that it represents the hard work of their design team (who probably just searched Google for images of the Reventon) and that the quality of the supercar will match and even overcome producers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani or Koenigsegg. The engines available will be taken from Audi, their 4.2 litre V8, with three versions, capable of delivering 350, 450 and 700 HP, and later on, customers will be able to equip it with engined taken from the Corvette C6, including the one from the Z1, a 6.8 litre V8. Other tehnological innovations include carbon fiber used in most of the body parts and in the brake discs, a night vision camera capable of detecting pedestrians or onboard computer with access to wireless Internet. Plus, their green department has stated that the company is currently experimenting with an electric powered version, equipped with the newest generation of high performance batteries.

Although they said that about 50 cars will be made, I’m sure once that Lamborghini’s lawyers find out about this car, they’re going to have a field day. Until then, feast your eyes with their fruits of “hard labour”. One more photo after the jump. Read More: “No money for a Reventon? Get a Veno!”

Posted on Aug 7th, 2008 by Andrey

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If you go and rent a Lamborghini Gallardo, it’s common sense that you take care of it. It’s a supercar worth over 100,000 euros, not your average reasonably priced car. Such wasn’t the case with a group of late 20’s asian men, who attended a wedding with a whole fleet of supercars, rented of course, consisting of 3 Lamborghinis and a Bentley Continental GT.

British tabloid The Sun reports that after they arrived at the wedding reception, the group of men went for a drink and started bragging about their rental cars and how one of them took a car to 160 mph. Feeling all brave, they decided to take one of the Lambos to it’s limit and immediately left the reception. What happens when you mix alcohol and a powerful car ? The car was found crashed in a tree, with no trace of the asian men. Witnesses really enjoyed the exotic crash, actually taking bits out of the car or sitting in it.

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Posted on Aug 7th, 2008 by Andrey

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The Lamborghini Gallardo is a great car, but has always been in the shadow of it’s bigger brother, the Murcielago, performance-wise, getting a limited edition 540 bhp edition while the Murc got a 640 one. Although this power was enough for most people, Florida-based tuner Heffner decided to push the limits of the Gallardo’s engine and try to obtain the maximum power with any modification necessary. The result ? An astonishing 930 bhp (694 kW).

This of course was the result of the heavy modded 5 litre V10 engine, steel cylinder liners, new pistons, polished crankshaft journals, a new twin-turbo system fitted to a custon exhaust and intake systems, twin wastegates and blow-off valves, a twin-stage electronic boost controller and the most important, a heavy duty clutch to help put all that power down. To contain the power, upgraded fuel and water pumps were also installed, as were fuel injector and a water-cooled intercooler system. Exterior changes consist of a carbon fiber rear decklid and a Superleggera inspired rear difuser and spoiler.

All these mods led to a peak torque of 1032Nm (762lb-ft ), an incredible amount for a street car, that’s why Heffner also put a two stage boost controller to help maintain a steady stream of power through 1st and 2nd gear. No word about the AWD system being disabled in this car, as was with previous versions, but for this kind of power, it would definetely be needed.

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Posted on Aug 7th, 2008 by Mili

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As the European Union is threatening to make the emissions screw even tighter, European Sports Cars Manufacturers become more and more worried about the future.

As we all know, whether its a Ferrari, Maseratti or a Lamborghini, it still has up to three times the emissions of a normal car. With Proposals from the EU that targets 120 gr/km in 2012 (compared to 160gr/now) the sports  car manufacturers are trying to make themselves heard. One card to play is rumored to be a tax exemption for the manufacturers that have less than 10.000 units/year (Aston, for example, hopes to have 7.500 this year) but that would be worthless for such as Lamborghini or Ferrari who are owned by larger groups (Fiat sells around 1.2 million cars each year).

Voices at Lamborghini talk about the preservation of European art that talks about the continent to the world, and so it must be protected, since emissions of 120gr/km for a V12 is not likely to happen.

Ferrari on the other hand talks about the fact that hybrid solutions will take much more time to become accepted by their clients, and that the ” less than 10.000 units/year exemption” would be nothing else than discrimination.

Also, the fact that supercar owners only take them out on rare occasions, and the number of supercars selled each year represents an insignificant percent of total car sales, is also brought to the table of negociations.

These dispute is likely to scale up to greater heights in the near future, between Sports Cars Manufacturers on one hand, The EU and Environmentalists on the other, as solutions seem to be scarce.

Posted on Aug 1st, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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Last time German tuner Edo Competition messed up with the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, they managed to squeeze 23 hp more from the engine and, with a total of 663 hp, the car clocked 345.7 km/h (214.8 mph) on the test track in Nardo, Italy, which is the highest speed a Lamborghini ever reached. Despite all that, the guys over at Edo weren’t satisifed and decided to give it another upgrade. This time, they managed to increase the power output by 47 hp more, which means that the LP640 by Edo develops an impressive 710 hp and 700 Nm (516 ft-lb).

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) is done in 3.2 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in under seconds and the estimated top speed is 360 km/h (224 mph). The extra performance was possible through new exhaust headers, new high flow catalytic converters, new mufflers, a new exhaust tip, new performance camshafts, modified cylinder heads and new high flow air filters plus reprogrammed engine controls, plus.

Check out more photos after the jump.

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Posted on Jul 31st, 2008 by Vlad Balan

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You’d better be careful next time you complain the service is really far from your home, because it can be even worse. Take this ‘poor’ Sheik’s case. He had to fly his £190,000 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (similar to the one from The Dark Night movie) all the way from Qatar to the UK for an oil change. The whole trip cost him £20,000, plus £3,552 to service at an approved dealer.

I know, the guy has too much money than he can spend, but you have to admit, that’s pretty cool. Of course, environmentalists don’t have the same opinion, because the whole ‘operation’ sparked fury from them. For example, here are a few statements from some very angry people:
Airport worker: “This car doesn’t have a carbon footprint – more of a crater.”
Cargo handler: “It would have been far more efficient to fly mechanics out there.”
Jenny Evans, of pressure group Plane Stupid: “This horrifies me. It is another example of how rich people exploit and pollute the planet because of their money.”
Friends of the Earth’s transport campaigner Richard Dyer: “Flying a car thousands of miles for a service is ludicrous when planes are one of the most polluting ways to transport goods. We urge the individual to get their car serviced closer to home.”

To be honest, what I really don’t understand is why the owner chose to do that? I mean, I suppose there are Lamborghini services in Qatar. Or maybe he only did it because he can?
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