Lamborghini wants to develop a material stronger than carbon fiber |

Nowadays, carbon fiber is one of the best materials out there, providing a great basis for many high end supercars which want the strongest body frame, but also the lightest one, so as to not hamper their performance.

But Lamborghini is already looking to the future, as it announced that the Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory has been created in order for specialists from the Washington University and the Boeing airplane company to work together and create a new material which will be superior to carbon fiber.

The goal of the Italian super car manufacturer is to pioneer research in the aerospace and aeronautical fields and implement the new materials which will result into cars and other things we use in our daily lives.

While certainly not something you would expect from an automaker which is famous for its flamboyance, we should certainly keep out fingers crossed for the research team there and hope that the future will be filled with lighter and more safer cars.

Source: Automarket

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