Lamborghini's future to include less weight, more efficiency, no force induction and no manuals |

Times are changing pretty fast for a lot of carmakers, and tougher standards and regulations require more research into less exciting areas than some car fans might like.

Lamborghini is no exception, as the flamboyant Italian supercar manufacturer has started taking measures to reduce its CO2 emissions and to cut back on weight. Now, being asked by Car and Driver, Maurizio Reggiani, the director of research and development of Lamborghini, has gazed into his crystal ball and revealed what the future holds for the company.

In short: less weight, more efficiency, fewer emissions, no force induction of any kind and, sadly, no manual gearboxes.

We already revealed the new center Lamborghini opened at the end of last year, in order to research newer and lighter materials, as it will play a big part in improving overall acceleration for Italian models and their efficiency.

The V10 and V12 units, now used in the Gallardo and Murcielago, will also receive a lot of improvements in the future, in order to increase efficiency. Among them we can include start/stop technology, as well as cylinder deactivation, and even flex-fuel capability. Among these systems, forced induction won’t make an appearance, according to Reggiani, who wants to keep the beautiful engines naturally aspirated.

But while things sound pretty good up until now, another major step for Lambo will be the elimination of manual gearboxes, as the six-speed manual is fitted to just five percent of all new cars. The executive did promise that the company will customize its own system, and not just slap on something from the Volkswagen group in the future models.

Overall, while purists will no doubt disapprove of these measures, Lamborghini needs to get with the times if it wants to still provide cars we can drive with the regulations of the present.

Source: Car and Driver

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