Land Rover introduces new green technologies |

At the London Motor Show, Land Rover has announced a £700 million investment over the next five years to make its cars more environmental-friendly. First steps will made later this year, when the Freelander diesel will get a new start-stop system which, according to Phil Hodgkinson, Product Development Director for Land Rover, will reduce CO2 emissions from 194g/km to 179g/km. After that, the rest of the range will gradually get this system.

Besides that, Land Rover will follow up with diesel-electric hybrid powertrains and electric rear axle drive (ERAD) system, dubbed e-terrain technology which will allow the vehicle to move off without starting the engine as well as supplying extra power over tough terrain. “As well as new powertrain and transmission technologies we will also be looking to reduce the weight and size of our vehicles and you will also see a steep change in terms of aerodynamics” Hodgkinson added.

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Photo Gallery: New Land Rover Green Technologies

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