Land Rover LRX to become reality, with UK Government’s help |

Ok, gimme just a second so I can take a deep breath and chill after I found out this. Land Rover has announced that later this year, they’ll make a final decision whether they’ll start working on an all-new car, based on onw of the most beautiful concepts I’ve ever seen, the Land Rover LRX. However, even though nothing’s certain for the moment, the fact that the UK Government has announced they’ve prepared a grant offer of up to £27 million ($37.5 million) makes us dream about seeing an LRX-based Land Rover in showrooms. The grant offer, which is separate from the Government’s announced automotive support package, will be an important contribution to the £400 million cost of the project.

“Both the design and size of the LRX Concept have generated a hugely positive reaction wherever it has been seen and we’ve also gathered fresh insights on what potential owners would look for in a production equivalent. That knowledge is now being applied to the process of refining the vehicle as it heads towards final approval,” said Phil Popham, Managing Director of Land Rover.

AutoCar sat with Mr. Popham and found out that the car might go on sale in 2011, badged as a Range Rover and it will probably share a platform with the Land Rover Freelander. They also got a photo of how the production version will probably look like and we can see it’s very similar to the concept, except for the added B and C-pillars, bigger door mirrors and revised door handles and bumpers. Popham also added that the car will only get four-wheel drive and it might be the cleanest Land Rover ever, with under 150 g/km CO2 emissions at launch, number which might get even lower, Land Rover considering a hybrid version too, which might get below 120 g/km CO2 emissions and 60 mpg fuel consumption.

All we can say is that, come on Land Rover, make us happy!

Photo Gallery: Land Rover LRX Concept

Source: Land Rover (AutoCar)