Lazareth reveals Renault Twingo with V8 engine, we've got the video to prove it |

There are certainly plenty types of crazy out there, especially when it comes to cars, but French tuner Lazareth’s latest creation will leave plenty of people with their jaws on the floor.

The company saw nothing wrong with pairing a small Renault Twingo with a 3.5-liter V8 coming from a Range Rover car. Of course it couldn’t be squeezed in the front end, so it was put in the back of the car, instead of the rear seats.

Pair it with a 5-speed gearbox, squeeze 180 HP out of it, add a set of performance suspension and brakes and you’ve got this rather peculiar Renault Twingo Trophy V8 model.

I still can’t really gather the words to describe it, but if you want such a thing, you’ll have to pay €70,000. Here is a short video of the car on a track.

Source: Automarket

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