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Posted on 14-09-2009 by Andrey

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The Frankfurt Motor Show is definitely going to be some serious business for the largest German car-making corporations as almost all of them will reveal new models or concepts. While the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics will be revealed, production-ready version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing will also be displayed.

But if we believe a new batch of pictures supposedly leaked from Audi, the Ingolstadt manufacturer will crash the party also, as these concept sketches showcase the highly rumored e-Tron Concept. Although nothing was for certain until now, it seems that the design team heavily borrowed from the R8 supercar, as except for a few things, it is practically the same car.

The e-Tron concept will be similar to the normal R8 but will feature a new front grill, with redesigned headlights, and a drastically changed rear end, with a shrunken rear window. The rear side vents are gone, as well as the aggressive lines from the hood, but the new concept does feature special allow wheels.

The interior pics showcase a very interesting cabin, as the dashboard is driver oriented, featuring an LCD display, with the navigation, flanked by a speedometer and a tachometer, thus revealing that it might not be a fully electric car, but a hybrid, with a normal engine running in tandem with an electric one.

Nothing is known officially as the German company is keeping a lid on statements about this rumored model. All we can do is wait for this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show and possibly see this new concept.

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