Lexus and Infiniti not interested in BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo niche |

When BMW announced the 5 Series Gran Turismo hatchback model, it’s safe to say that two kinds of reactions appeared, you either loved the funky, almost complete hatchback styling, or you hated the hunchback nature of the 5 GT.

Still, while the automotive press and BMW fans are still making up their minds, two of the largest rivals for the Bavarian company, Lexus and Infiniti, voiced their own views on the new niche created by BMW.

Dave Nordstrom, Lexus’ vice president of marketing, revealed that: “We don’t have any plans for it right now. We have not seen the demand from our customers – but we continue to look at it.” Infiniti’s Ben Poore said that while “What [we are] seeing is a much stronger preference (among consumers) for a trunk,” his company isn’t committed to following BMW’s footsteps.

While at first we weren’t really attracted to the 5 GT, we had a chance to test drive one recently, and we have to say that the big model does have a lot of attributes. Look forward to the test drive soon enough.

Source: AutoObserver

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