Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sports Concept shows its carbon fiber in Tokyo –

When Toyota introduced its G Sports Concept line at the Tokyo Auto Salon, it was clear that its luxury Lexus division wouldn’t be without its own take on this strategy. As such, the IS F Circuit Club Sports Concept was shown at its own booth.

But what’s behind the rather lengthy name? Carbon fiber, and lots of it. It seems that Lexus engineers realized that the IS F was a bit chunky as opposed to its European rivals, and decided to outfit a carbon fiber hood, roof, trunk, front winglets, rear extractors and the big wing in the back.

A new exhaust system was also fitted to the IS F CCS, which takes the total HP coming from the 5.0-liter V8 to 428. All of the weight saving measures have resulted in 125 lbs being shaved off, not much but it might attract a few customers.

Source: LeBlogAuto

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