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Seeing as how the huge recalls from the beginning of the year are slowly being forgotten and that it has paid a $16.4 million fine in order to please the US authorities, you would think Toyota has a bright future ahead of it once more.

Well, you’re wrong, as the Japanese company has just announced a global recall, affecting 237,000 models. The cause of the recall comes from a batch of faulty engines, specifically the 3.5-liter V6 and the 4.6-liter V8, which contained bad valve springs, that can lead to engine stalling.

The models are affected include the Toyota Crown, Lexus LS460, Lexus LS600h, Lexus LS600hL, Lexus GS350, Lexus GS450h, Lexus GS460 and Lexus IS350.

Owners will be notified all around the world, and a fix will be implemented as soon as possible.


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With summer rapidly approaching, people are once again aiming to showcase their rides to the public. Seeing as how you can’t even go outside with a stock car, accessories and various packages are the way to go in order to add that extra bit of flavor to your ride.

Lexus knows this and has just announced that it has cut prices on its F-Sport accessories packages, currently available for the IS and GS lineups.

You will now be able to order a suspension lowering kit for $1,450, for $4,495 you will also receive a set of new wheels wrapped in performance tires and if you want to go all out, you’ll get all that plus a new performance braking system for $8,995.

The sales on the F-Sport packages will start on June 1 and continue until the July 31.


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Lexus fans were quite pleased with the very powerful IS-F coupe which, according to them, is a worthy opponent to the BMW M3. But for those who want to feel the wind in their hair, there wasn’t something adequately powerful, like an ISC-F.

That thing won’t change now, but Lexus is trying to make amends, and announced that a limited edition IS350C F-Sport will be made. The hardtop convertibles will be priced at $58,375, which includes the $875 destination charge.

For all that money you’ll either get an Obsidian or Tungsten Pearl paint scheme, but also upgraded brakes, 19-inch wheels and Blistein shock absorbers which get the IS350C F-Sport one inch closer to the ground. Handling also received an upgrade thanks to a beefier sway bar.

The interior will also reflect the more exclusive nature of the Lexus IS350C F-Sport, with a leather-wrapped shift knob, special floor mats and, of course, a plate with the specific number of your limited model. With only 100 to be made, you’d better act fast if you want to get your hands on them.


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Last year, at the Paris Motor Show, the Lexus IS 250C made its world debut, announcing hard times ahead for rivals like the BMW 3 Series Convertible or the Mercedes Benz CLK. And last week, Toyota announced that the car will hit showrooms this summer, in July, with a strating price set at around £30,000 (around $43,500).

While the car is based on sedan version, it received a major redesign and except for the bonnet, headlamps, door handles and mirros, everything is new, in order to make room for the folding metal roof, which opens and closes in 20 seconds (the best time in its class). The car’s nose is 15 mm longer than the sedan’s, the doors are 30 cm longer to allow easier access to the back seats (the front seats also have a ‘one-touch walk-in button’ which folds the front seats and slides them forward).

Under the hood, there will be the same 204 hp 2.5 liter V6 mated to a six speed automatic transmission which will allow the car to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in nine seconds and to go up to a top speed of 130 mph (210 km/h).

Photo Gallery: Lexus IS 250C at the Paris Motor Show


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The Lexus IS-F definitely is one of the most beautiful high performance sedans out there, but Japanese tuning company Wald International decided to give the IS-F a look that truly matches its performance figures. So they came up with this, the Sports Line Black Bison Edition, which debuted earlier this month at the Tokyo Auto Salon. So, what Wald did was design a new carbon fiber body kit which includes new front spoiler, rear wing and rear diffuser with side vents built in, plus a set of 2- inch dark colored Mahora 3-piece allow wheels. As Wald International got us used to, the package is quite extreme, but still, very aggressive and impressive.

Photo Gallery: Lexus IS-F tuning by Wald International


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Toyota has confirmed its plan to build a compact Lexus, whose main competitors will be the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3. ‘We will offer a Lexus in the compact class’, said Tadashi Arashima, Senior Managing Director and Member of the Board of Toyota. Mr. Arashima also said that Lexus will need smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles, in order to comply with the European CO2 standards, and this baby IS will be one of these cars. Unfortunately, there were absolutely no details on the car, except that it won’t be arriving until next decade.

The compact car won’t be the only small car Lexus is working on, Mr. Arashima also mentioning a small hybrid, based on the Toyota Prius, which will be available in the US and then in Europe. According to Car Magazine, the hybrid Lexus will be powered by a larger engine, possibly a 2.5 liter unit, and the car will be unveiled in late 2009.


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At the Australian International Motor Show, Lexus brougth a new car, the Lexus IS 250 Sports Concept. The car is basically a regular IS 250, with a few sporty upgrades, targeted at younger drivers that can’t afford an IS-F. The Sports Concept features some minor cosmetic changes, larger cross-drilled two-piece brake rotors at front and rear, Bilstein shock absorbers and springs for improved handling, plus sway bars and a chassis brace. For improved performances, Lexus gave the IS a new performance air intake (gives 3% more horsepower), a carbon fiber engine cover, new stainless steel ‘cat-back’ exhaust system (15% more horsepower) and ligthweight 19 inch graphite grey wheels.

Lexus hasn’t yet decided whether this concept will make it into production, but according to Lexus chief executive John Roca, there are high odds that we’ll see this car in dealerships soon.

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Like we’ve announced last month, one of Lexus’ premieres for the Paris Motor Show was the new Lexus IS 250C. We really loved the IS range ever since it was introduced, it’s a really tough competitor for the German cars, and the IS 250C sounds and looks very promising also, when it will debut, next summer. Like its name says, the IS 250C is powered by the 2.5 liter V6 engine that delivers 208 hp (153 kW) mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. According to Lexus, the lightweight folding aluminium roof is the world’s fastest three-part roof, with an opening time of just 20 seconds.

Of course, extra attention was given to the car’s aerodynamics and safety, especially when running with the top open. By fitting the car with a steeply raked windscreen, ultra-smooth cabin profile, aerodynamically efficient, “duck-tail” rear styling featuring “airkick” effect, rear tail lamp clusters, and a set of aerodynamic under-body covers, the IS 250C’s drag coefficient is just 0.29 (0.27Cd rating for the sedan version).

For more info on the Lexus IS 250C, check out the official press release.

Photo Gallery: Lexus IS 250C at the Paris Motor Show


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Fox Marketing/Artisan is working on a tuning program for the Lexus IS-F, which will be on display at this year SEMA Show. The most impressive part of the program are, no doubt about that, the mechanical upgrades. Powered by a 5.0 liter V8 engine that delivers over 600 hp, the IS-F is also equipped with JE pistons, Crower rods, Mishimoto radiator and Artisan exhaust. Of course, the bodykit also looks good, with its custom front and rear bumpers, new side-skirts that with blistered rear fenders integrated and 20 inch special wheels, wrapped in Toyo T1R tires. And, to make it even more eye-catching, Fox IS-F will be available in a Glasurit Sunset Orange paint finish, with blacked-out headlamps, grille and emblems.

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The premium coupe cabriolet market is a very attractive one for car manufacturers and the BMW 3 Series Cabrio and the Audi A5 Cabrio are two of the most beautiful cars around, no doubt about that. And now it seems that Toyota also wants a piece of the action because, according to Carscoop, besides the IS facelift, the Paris Motor Show will mark the debut of the Lexus IS Coupe-Cabriolet. That great news and we’re really waiting to see the car live at the French show. What’s really interesting is that, according to Carscoop’s sources, the model that will be on display in Paris will be marked as a concept, but except for some minor changes, it will basically be the production-ready version, that will go on sale next summer.


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Though no official press release has been made, here are the first photos of the facelift for the Lexus IS, that will make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show. Like we said, there’s no official info so far, but we can see that the car has a restyled front grille, tail lamp crystals featuring L-shaped back-up lights, exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals and new designs for the alloy wheels, that might also come in 17 and 18 inch sizes. Rumors also say that the car will get new exterior colors and new Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) stability control system.

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