Lexus prepping new GS-F with LFA V10 engine and new SC |

Remember the statement that the V10 engine used by the Lexus LFA won’t be making its way under the hood of another model? *Sicilian accent* Forget about it!

New reports from the guys at Autocar show that the Japanese engineers are pretty busy improving and detuning the V10 engine from the LFA, decreasing its displacement by around 200cc, and enhancing it for everyday use. The goal of such a “softening”? To make a GS-F capable of taking down the next BMW M5 of course.

The new 4.6-liter unit would output around 450 HP, enough to make it the most powerful Japanese sedan built by Lexus. The model, set to appear in 2013, will also employ a new torque vectoring differential, which will improve handling quite a bit and even put it on par with the future 2012 BMW M5.

Another new project coming from Japan will be a Lexus SC, set to rival the Mercedes-Benz SL. It will be a completely different beast than the current SC, which will end production in July. According to the rumors, it will be revealed in 2014 as a hybrid sportscar, combining a 5.0-liter V8 with an electric motor.

Overall, these will be some highly awaited new models from Lexus. It will also be interesting to see if they will be able to rival their intended targets.

Source: Autocar

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