Lexus recalls HS 250h over Pinto-like fuel leakage risks |

Even though it wasn’t among the biggest recalls in history, the 1970s Ford Pinto call back was among the most infamous, gaining widespread media coverage. At that time, if a rear end collision occurred, the Pinto’s fuel tank was prone to excessive leakage of the flammable fuel.

Now, it seems that Lexus has the same problem with its HS 250h model, as if a rear-end collision happens at over 50 mph, the gas tank could rupture, leading to fuel being spread all over the road and on the car. Needless to say, a big, flammable mass of fuel is pretty bad in any condition.

Around 17,000 HS 250h models are affected by this recall, and customers will be informed as soon as possible. Sadly, Lexus engineers have yet to find a solution to this problem, but Toyota assures everyone that a fix will be implemented.

Until then, just be careful around Lexus HS 250h cars OK?

Source: Lexus

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