Lexus revealed the new 2010 LS 600h in Frankfurt |

Posted on 21-09-2009 by Andrey

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The Frankfurt Motor Show was the place to be if you were a car fan as many brands revealed new iterations of their main models and concepts of their future ones. Besides revealing the LF-Ch hot hatch concept to the public, the Lexus division of Toyota also took the chance to present the new facelift for its LS 600h limousine.

The flagship luxury model has received a wide array of new things, starting from the outside with a slightly more distinguished look, thanks to the redrawn front end, complete with new fog lights, air vents and a Lexus hybrid blue finish on the lamps, and continuing on the inside, where new, slightly more ergonomical seats have been fitted. Alongside them, the navigation system’s hard drive has been upgraded to a 40GB one, allowing for more detailed maps to be stored on it. The indicators and dashboard have also been revamped to highlight the luxury feel of the model.

In terms of mechanical upgrades, the new Lexus LS 600h has received a new ECO mode, which changes the way the A/C works, and more importantly to how the engine reacts when the acceleration pedal is pushed powerfully. The Lexus Hybrid Drive system has also been tweaked, in order to meet Euro 5 emission restrictions, but the 5-liter V8 and the electric 165 kW engines haven’t seen any changes. They still output the same 439 HP with a torque of 520 Nm, meaning that it will move the large limousine from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 6.3 seconds, a respectable time for a car of that size and weight. Lexus also claims that the reported CO2 emissions are around 219 g/km, largely due to the hybrid technology.

Overall, the new facelifted 2010 Lexus LS 600h is looking pretty good and will hit countries all around the world soon enough.

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