Lexus Shows Off Its Hot Hatch, the LF-Ch |

Lexus, Toyota’s high end division, has just unveiled its newest concept car, the LF-Ch. While such a thing isn’t uncommon, it might make plenty of European car enthusiasts happy as it will soon become a fully functional hot hatchback from the Japanese brand.

Set to rival premium models like the BMW 1-Series and the Audi A3, this new concept is definitely looking great in the style department, with plenty of aggressive lines and an interior in the same fashion. Sadly though, Lexus was pretty scarce on the technical details, instead emphasizing the looks of the car.

“The LF-Ch concept reaffirms Lexus’s commitment to Europe, combining compact dimensions, stylish five-door, full hybrid technology and low emissions to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements and to appeal to a new, younger generation of customers,” read the statement from the company.

The dimensions of the car were revealed however, as the length will span 4,300mm (169,3 in), out of which the wheelbase will occupy 2,600mm (102.4 in). The width of the LF-Ch concept will be 1,790mm (70.5 in) and the height will be 1,400mm, thus making it pretty similar to the Audi A3 Sportback edition, which only differs by a few mm or inches, if you prefer.

Nonetheless, Lexus has brought a pretty big innovation into the hot hatch market, as the LF-Ch will feature a fully hybrid drive-train, that can be driven in a full electric mode, unlike other mild-hybrids cars. No details were given on the precise technology implemented, but we’ll certainly find out more as the concept will be transformed into a fully functional model by the end of 2010.

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Source: CarScoop