Lexus will be selling the LFA supercar at a loss |

You would think that releasing the new LFA supercar in these troubled financial times with a price tag of around €375,000 means that Lexus will profit extensively from selling all of its projected 500 models, but you would be quite wrong, at least to some sources.

It seems that the Japanese company, alongside its parent, Toyota, will be selling the exciting supercar at a loss, with the money earned from it not being able to cover even the research and development work done for the project, not to mention the actual manufacturing costs and marketing efforts.

But this project does have a purpose though, as the 4.8-liter V10 will stand as a hallmark for the Japanese brand, showing that anything can be done if you work hard, even a fantastic Japanese supercar, and inspire many to try the mainstream models from Lexus.

Don’t forget that this practice isn’t unusual, as Volkswagen is also rumored to produce the fabulous Bugatti Veyron at a loss, with its $1 million+ price tag not covering for the development and manufacturing of the glorious supercar.

Source: Autocar