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Ford C-MAX by Loder1899 The engineers over at Loder1899 have unveiled this week their latest tuning program for the Ford C-MAX. They’ve described this styling & performance upgrade as transforming an “unpopular geek” into “one of the most popular jocks”. It comes with a new front spoiler (249 Euros), a tailgate-mounted spoiler (159 Euros)… …read the full post

The Ford Focus RS is the most powerful hatchback in its class, with its 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine directing 300 HP to the front axle. But more even is newer a bad thing, at least according to German tuning house Loder1899, which has modified the American hot hatch and added 45 HP to the final output. Among the customizations, the… …read the full post

The German tuner Loder1899 created a tuning kit for the new facelifted Ford Focus. Priced at 5,000 Euros (around $7,800), the tuning program features a new body kit, including new front spoiler, rear diffuser, roof spoiler and 17 to 20 inch special alloy wheels, new sports suspension which lowers the car 35 mm, plus a new engine manangement kit, which… …read the full post

I was actually wondering how long will it take until tuning companies will turn their attention on the new Ford Mondeo, because I personally see it as a very ‘tunable’ car. And here is one of the first tuning programs for the Mondeo, created by German tuner Loder1899. The real carbon Body Styling Kit features a new front lip, roof spoiler,… …read the full post