Lottery winner’s Audi R8 catches fire in the USA

Sigh… here we are with yet another Audi R8 model which caught fire as it was rolling down the road. After seeing such cases happen in Germany, the Netherlands and even Romania, now the USA has seen its own R8 blaze.

This time, the story is that much more interesting, as the car was just a week old, and belonged to an American who won the lottery some time ago.

It seems that Rahul Patel, former Powerball lottery winner, was driving along in his R8 on a highway, when he saw black smoke coming from the rear of car, where the engine is located. As soon as he got out, flames immediately engulfed the rear of the R8.

Luckily, Patel was the only one riding in the German supercar, and he got away from the fire right away. Emergency crews arrived on the scene and promptly put out the fire, but the car was already burnt to a crisp, as you can see above.

Source: Seattle PI

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