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2013 Lotus Esprit Today was quite a blast for us here, ar rpmGO: the first Lotus showroom was opened in Bucharest, Romania, and Formula 1 rock stars Nigel Mansell and Martin Donnelly were invited to cut the ribbon on the new establishment. Donato Coco, the Lotus head of design was also there and shared with the philosophy behind Lotus’s original… …read the full post

Tecnocraft 2011 Lotus Exige Carbon Fiber I’ve always wondered why beautiful cars like the ones made by Lotus don’t receive their fair share of tuning programs which is why I’m glad that Tecnocraft decided to take the exquisite 2011 Exige and Elise and make some well-thought modifications. The company is no stranger to Lotus models as they released… …read the full post

British carmaker Lotus has just announced that two final editions of its Exige and Elise supercharged models will be on sale, bearing the name of Roger Becker. For those who won’t know, Becker has worked with Lotus for over 44 years, and led vehicle development for quite a long time. It is thanks to him that we now get to admire models like Elise,… …read the full post

It may come as a surprise for quite some people, but it seems that besides the ever present Elise sportscar and the new Evora, British company Lotus also kept on selling the Europa model since 2006, when it first launched the car as a bigger brother to the Elise. Since then, the Europa didn’t really tug any heart strings, largely due to the brutish… …read the full post

Great fuel average and low emissions aren’t things you would normally associate with sports cars, but thanks to the new 2011 Lotus Elise S, they’re practically synonymous. Why are we saying such a thing? Well, thanks to the improvements the Elise received for its 2011 model year, including lighter weight (1,931 pounds), a new Evora-esque… …read the full post

Many car fans, especially Americans, like the example the Shelby Cobra laid out a long time ago, by combining a British-built chassis and an American engine to produce one of the most exciting rides of that time. Now, that example will be replaced by the Hennessey Venom GT supercar, which has finally been unveiled by the famous tuning company. The… …read the full post

Lotus has just revealed the 2011 facelift that its popular Elise model will receive. Set to premiere at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the new model also boasts, besides the upgraded visuals, a new 134 HP Toyota-sourced 1.6-liter engine. First off, as you can see above, the 2011 Lotus Elise borrows heavily, at least in the front end, elements from… …read the full post

This year, British car manufacturer Lotus will mark its 60th anniversary and to celebrate this moment they’ve developed a limited edition Lotus Elise, in cooperation with British tuning company Project Kahn. The anniversary Elise features an aerodynamic styling package and Kahn interior with full leather seats and door trims. Mechanical upgrades… …read the full post