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This 1:5 scale roadster concept car was created by Lotus and Hot Wheels and was on display at the recent SEMA Show. It was made for Hot Wheels’ 40th anniversary and it also tries to give us a glimpse of Lotus’ future design philosophy. Now, honestly, for some time now, Lotus isn’t a real competitor in sports car market and the company could use some fresh blood if they want to stick around.

The design team, currently also working on future Lotus model, tried to create an aerodynamic roadster which shouts “Lotus!”. And we have distinctive Lotus features, like the the front part design (Elise-type headlights, top exit radiator) pronounced wheel arches and bonnet graphics. An eventual sports car’s performance were taken in consideration and the concept features large air intakes and a large rear wing for that down-force. What do you think, could a future sports car based on this revive Lotus? Let us know, here.

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