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While it still runs on gas, the Lotus Eco Elise concept uses cutting-edge materials and production methods to reduce its environmental impact. Eco Elise has the same drivetrain as the Elise S, they use the same aluminum tub and have the same shape, but there are some differences. For Eco Elise they use a host of sustainable materials to make up the body and trim, including hemp, “eco wool”, new high-tech, water-based paint which can be applied by hand. These things reduce the Eco Elise’s footprint, limit the energy during production.

Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc commented “This Eco Elise is a great example of the advanced and affordable green technologies Lotus is developing. We are at the cutting edge of environmental technology and are determined to push forward with our green agenda. The Lotus brand values of lightweight, fuel efficient and high performance are more relevant today than they ever have been. We are keen to ensure that Lotus as a company and its products offer an ethical, green option that appeals to our customers”.

The Eco Elise has a set of solar panels to help the power the electrical systems, reducing the drain on the engine and improving efficiency. A new green shift light appears on the instrumental panel that assists drivers in maximizing fuel efficiency. The Eco Elise weighs 32 kg less than the standard Elise S.

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