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If you don’t feel the need to drive as much as you used to then maybe you should make some changes in your insurance policy. Depending on how much miles you put behind you each year, you may qualify for several discounts that come with low mileage auto insurance. This can occur if you changed your job, or you happen to live closer to your workplace, heading for university and so on. The idea is that the more you drive, the bigger the chances are for you to be involved in an accident, thus forcing the insurance company to act on your behalf. Therefore the reverse is also available, since fewer miles mean fewer changes to get hit by someone thus, less expenses for the insurance company.

For example, if you drive somewhere between 7500 – 15000 miles each year, you are eligible for the first discount tier available at most insurance companies. If you drive even lesser than that per year, you get to increase or secure even bigger discounts, depending on the state you’re currently living in and the car insurance company.

If you think you’re eligible for a low mileage discount here are some things to try.

Consider that the usual insurance premium is about $1000 per year. Low mileage insurance discounts are the perfect opportunity to cut back on some monthly expenses. I mean why would you pay so much when most of the times your car sits tight and well protected in your garage since you’re barely using it for a trip from time to time and the way to work.

Depending on the vehicle you drive and what are you currently using it for, you can head for some serious discounts. For example in California car insurance companies use driving history and the amount of miles to calculate your rates. Therefore, if you have changed your driving habits than this will pose as a great advantage for you. Take GMAC insurance that belongs to the General Motors franchise. They offer discounts of over 54% or each On Star driver that has a mileage lesser than 15.000 miles per year. Progressive insurance also has such as program that offers 25% discount but on a “softer” set of terms. Always keep in touch with your insurance agent and keep him posted on major changes in your personal driving habits.

Most drivers that purchase low mileage car insurance are senior folk that are mostly retired or, over 60 years. Since they are no longer working, they don’t get to drive as much so there is no reason for them to keep high premium insurance policies. Since they don’t get to make as many trips as the younger adults, their estimated mileage per year is a lot lower. If you’re one of the folk that doesn’t need to drive as much, than you should contact your insurance agent and ask about the necessary changes.

Another great way to save some money and miles is by car pooling. So instead of owning a vehicle solely for yourself, deciding to car pool might bring you quite a few advantages such as a tax deduction for going “greener” and you get to share the cost of insurance with your friends that benefit from the car pooling. However you still have to check with your current car insurance company to make sure that sharing the car or car poking is allowed. In some states you might need a couple of permits from the DMV before you can hear for car sharing or car pooling.

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