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The Unicate is a company, part of the MEC Design Group, specialized in high-end cars. In fact, the company takes well known supercars and by applying a series of exclusive transformation offers its clients unique cars with an improved level of performance and luxury. So, for some extra money you will get a car adapted to your personality and tastes.

The 2009 Unicate Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is also called the “Yeniceri Edition” and has as inspirational source the elite fighting troops of the Ottoman Empire. These troops were able to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and the thunderous sounds made by them were able to make people panic. Some of the car enthusiasts consider that the Yeniceri Lamborghini is a cross between the BatMobile and the KnightRider, but that might pass as an insult, although its design is similar to the design of those cars. The different aspect that makes it more impressive is that the LP640 Lamborghini is sizzling hot and terrifying in the same time.

Lp640 Lamborghini

Because of the exterior design, this LP640 Lamborghini has a stealth look with matt black body foliation impressing with its darkened headlamps and taillights. The Yeniceri Lamborghini is customized, having 20 inch “ConcavTen” rims wrapped in high performance tires and an improved suspension, lowered with 20 mm. The “ConcavTen” wheels have 8.5×20 inches with two inch outer lip and 235 tires on the front and 13×20 inches with a six inch outer lip and 335 tires on the rear of the car.

The officials said that their intention is to take the wheels to the extremes, the design including wider wheels on the rear. As a result, the handling of the car is improved and the overall look is sportier. You will also have the opportunity to feel much safer, even if you are riding a sports car. In addition, this LP640 Lamborghini received some interesting special features including LED daytime running lights which are included in the front spoiler, LEDs mounted underneath the side skirts and a 120 db exhaust system which helps increase the output by 20 PS.

Lp640 Lamborghini interior

Inside of this Unicate Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 the atmosphere is luxurious and comfortable. The interior also features a lot of carbon fiber accents, a high-tech music system with two way-system-boxes, amplifier and base case and a leather wrapped sports steering wheel. Other incredible features that equip this amazing LP640 Lamborghini are the gear paddles, the speedometer housing, the heating/radio housing and the middle console and all of these are made of carbon fiber.

Under the hood, this amazing Yeniceri Lamborghini is equipped with the 6.5 liters V12 engine which is capable of producing around 651 horsepower. The engine compartment suffered some improvements and as a result this LP640 Lamborghini features LED lighting which is used to show off the fierce and beautiful engine that powers this car.  Moreover, the Unicate Lamborghini LP640 is equipped with a six speed manual transmission and a four wheel drive system. The top speed of this Lamborghini is around 340 km/h. In addition, this supercar is able to go from zero to 100 km/h in only 3.3 seconds.

The Unicate Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is an amazing and stylish supercar. Because of all the improvements that were made and because of the creativity of those who took their job seriously, this Lamborghini is considered by many car critics a world record car. How can you not fall in love with a car that was redesigned and brought closer to perfection by the most talented teams belonging to not one, but two exclusive companies.

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