Luckiest dog alive? |

Posted on 19-11-2008 by Vlad Balan

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Italian motorist Marco Menozzi, was driving in his Peugeot 207 on a side road in Cozze, Italy when he hit a stray dog. At 70 mph, you’d expect the impact to be very harsh, and the dog spread across the road. Well, here were the incredible starts. The Italian didn’t even stop the car which is weird, because I would’ve probably stopped at least to check the damages to the car, maybe even the dog. However, fifteen miles later he decided to stop and he was amazed to see the dog alive and stuck in the grille. The stray dog was taken to the vets and treated for a broken leg and for some minor bruises. “He’s a very lucky boy. He was saved because he was hit so hard. Any softer and he would have bounced off the car and been crushed under the wheels,” said a police spokesman. No comment!

Source: Ananova (Via Jalopnik)