Lumma Design tuning kit for the BMW 6 Series |

German tuner Lumma Design have specialised themselves in BMW’s (remember this?), and especially the 6-series, having now designed a new performance kit for the german sport coupe, after releasing a styling kit for the top of the range M6.

This time, the influence from their M6 kit can be recognized, and the kit can clearly make the standard model as agressive as the standard M6. To this image contributes the new redrawn front spoiler, the extended rear spoiler, the new side skirts and the wing on the back of the car. All this in a pure white paint job make a trully brilliant car.

But Lumma didn’t stop only at the exterior, inside they fitted a brand new suspension, resulting in a 35 mm drop in the ground clearance. The engine wasn’t left untouched, excepting the carbon fiber casing for the air filter and red accents on the valve covers, it was fitted with a new remaped ECU and a new sports exhaust system.

Via MotorAuthority

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