Lumma Design unveils first sketches of Porsche Panamera CLR 700GT |

Posted on 7-10-2009 by Andrey

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By now almost everybody has heard about the Porsche Panamera and seen its “controversial” looks. But even though the German company wanted to create a wholesome and family-friendly super sedan, the team at Lumma Design thought that with a few modifications, the performance and aggressive pedigree of a Porsche can still be found.

That is how the new Porsche Panamera CLR 700GT was born. Bear in mind though that these are just the first sketches and the styling kit isn’t ready. But from what we can see here, the Panamera will definitely look like a racing Porsche thanks a new bodykit with hood-mounted air outlets, revamped front and rear bumpers and a diffuser on the back which houses four tail pipes.

In order to stick to the road, Lumma Design also enlarged the wheel arches and fitted 22-inch alloy wheels. Along with a few other modifications, the ride height of the Panamera has been reduced by a whopping 35 mm (1.3 inches).

Lumma didn’t reveal any plans for mechanical upgrades, but judging by the looks of the 700GT, we might see its engine receive a few tweaks when the tuning kit will appear on the market.

Source: CarScoop