Make Men Jealous by Driving some Cool Cars –

Despite their reputation of bad drivers, women can drive cool cars too, powerful cars with perfect design that could make jealous even a man.

Our friends from Carwoo have made a list of such cars that draw men attention:

Porsche Boxster

– distinctive shape, vintage look – classy style, elegant shape – perfectly match with your red lipstick and platforms

– recommended if you want to attract intellectual, cosmopolitan type of men

Chevy Camaro

– muscle car – magnet for men – could be a perfect discussion topic with men, if you’re that kind of woman that knows some of the car’s specs

– a hard-workins woman’s car, from jeans to office-type

Chevy Corvette

– fast car: from 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds
– recommended if you want more mature men, gentleman-type, and hard-working for making a career

What other cars do you think that make men jealous?

[Source: Carwoo, Photos]

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